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Years of earthmoving experience have allowed us to perfect our techniques to provide our clients with expedient and safe projects that are on time and within budget.

We have a variety of equipment, large and small, dump trucks for hauling landscaping, aggregate rock, mulch and trash.

Site Preparation:

We are a complete site work company.  We have the machinery to clear, grade, level, and excavate to prepare your land for building, agricultural or whatever use you request.


In the construction field our services consist of building slab/pads, excavations, rough and final grading, along with trash hauling, backfills for pools and plumbing and demolitions.


Landscaping jobs are landclearing, field berms, french drain, gravel driveways including delivery of soils and decorative stones as well as mulches.


Our newest ventures have been the development of soccer fields & artificail turfs. In 2011 we broke ground for the creation of Kendall Soccer Park here in Miami and in 2013 helped with Miami Tropical Parks new soccer fields.


Last but not least, ask about our Clay for baseball fields, Trap sand, Natural beach sand and White beach sand.


Call us today and arrange an appointment for your next project.

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